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For CASI Evaluators

Our Evaluators – a valuable part of CASI Ontario’s ability to conduct successful Level 1 courses throughout Ontario!

The following general information is provided for current CASI Level 1 and Park Instructor Evaluators who want to evaluate these courses in Ontario.

For more information on becoming a CASI Level 1 or Park Instructor Evaluator, or for pre-course information and registration, please see the National Website, or contact Head Office.


We try to have the schedule for the upcoming season set by September 15. Not all resorts can meet this deadline, however, so often more courses get added throughout the following months. We send out Evaluator Availability Forms in October – as soon as the schedule is posted, registrations start coming in and we like to get an idea of how many evaluators we will have available. As new courses are added we will email updates.

We require rookies to use this form as well to be considered to be included on a course.

If you are a rookie or an evaluator new to Ontario and would like a form, please email us to request.

Once forms are returned to us, we make a master list of courses and evaluator availability, and update your contact information.

If your availability changes, just let us know as soon as possible as we gauge how many applications we can accept based on our list of evaluator availability.

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Course Notification

We try to let you know as soon as possible if you will be needed for a course. We realize time is needed for you to plan, however, we are hampered by having to wait until course deadlines until we know how many evaluators will be needed.

If you indicate a preferred location for a particular date, we try to accommodate. Please keep in mind that sometimes we may request you go to another location due to number of registrations or experience needed at a particular location.

Doug Mooder, the Ontario Regional Coodinator, is responsible for assigning evaluators to courses and will email or phone you to let you know if you are assigned to a course, and request that you return confirmation. If at any time throughout season you have questions about evaluating a course, please contact Doug directly.

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Course Results and Invoices/Payments

Course results are to be returned by the Course Conductor within 5 days of the end of the course, and should be sent to the CASI Ontario office, 11 Dunke St N, Elmira, ON N3B 2A6. Please try to respect this time frame and return results as soon as possible – until we have results, we can’t forward to National, and participants can’t get their membership number.

Evaluators can have their invoice for fees and expenses included with returned results, or mail to our office. If you are mailing your invoice, please mail to CASI Ontario, 11 Dunke St N, Elmira, ON N3B 2A6.

Please note that all expenses on invoices (except mileage) must include receipts. If you have a GST registration number and charge GST, please indicate number on invoice and add GST amount – only to fees and mileage (and any other expenses which don’t already include GST). If you are not registered for GST, please ignore this line on the invoice. PST is not applicable so please ignore this line on the invoice as well.

For fee and mileage rates, please reference your pre-course materials.

We try to send out payments within 3 business days of receiving invoices.

Who to Contact

Admin – Sharon Frey – casiontario@casi-acms.com

  • Request course request form
  • Change contact information
  • Payment information

(Note – Sharon is only in the office Monday / Wednesday / Friday.)

Regional Coordinator – Doug Mooder dmooder@mooderhort.com

  • Everything else!

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